Thursday, 20 December 2007

Day 344 - brando's take on things

Marlon Brando said:

“People say, 'What did you do while you took time out ?' - as if the rest of my life is taking time out. But the fact is, making movies is time out for me because the rest, the nearly complete whole, is what's real for me. I'm not an actor and haven't been for years. I'm a human being - hopefully a concerned and somewhat intelligent one - who occasionally acts.”

This quote sums up my feelings about taking time out.

It is what I want to say in the future when I look back on what I have done - whatever that was.


John Paul Mahofski said...

What if we never end up a Brando? What if you never are asked What takingtime out meant to you? What if no one would hear your answer unlike Brando who had millions hear his?

Take A Year Out said...

well, pretty much no one hears this blog right now... but i still love writing it.

i believe self discovery, self expression and taking a stand are the most important things a human being can do.

no matter who hears it.

b said...

Very thought provoking. And it truly does come down to how we will answer this question for ourselves, regardless of who may hear/know. It is a self-defining question and in its simplicity, it holds the amount of fulfillment we perceive in our lives.

Anonymous said...

When someone asks "tell me about yourself" the natural response is to tell them aoubt our job. Frankly, I wouldn't know what else to say.

There's more to us than our jobs.