Monday, 17 December 2007

Day 342 - corporate governance or corporate governments? who cares? the wheels are in motion.

Taxi talk commented on my post yesterday that 'corporates own the world'.

It got me thinking. It could be true. Corporates may well own the world right now, and governments may well work for those corporates, and this and that and blah blah blah.

I wonder if any of us will ever know the truth about this?

One thing I am sure of is that each of us can change the world - whatever is in place right now doesn't have to be in place tomorrow.

It is the ordinary members of society that refuse to believe in the world as 'a lost cause' hold the key to a free, abundant future for all.

Log boats (as in giant rafts made of logs tied to one another) on the Mississippi River used to carry hundreds of passengers downstream. When they reached a bend in the river, it took the simplest of things for the whole boat's trajectory to turn sharply to ensure it did not collide with the banks.

It took one guy.

One guy standing on the corner of the boat, thrusting a piece of wood into the mud bank and hanging on with a firm grip.

And the boat would start to turn, changing the course of the journey for all those people.

I believe the world works in the same way. It's not quite as individual a process, but it starts in the same way - one person taking a stand. And as others realise that stand will benefit them and their children, they start to gather around the individual and he becomes a team.

Until recently, this type of progress has been slow.

But one thing, I believe, now renders the corporations powerless: the Internet.

The Internet gives anyone acting with integrity the ultimate shop window. Just one little guy can set up shop online and, as long as they practice integrity, can connect with an audience of millions, and empower them into changing the world into what they want it to be, not how the corporates dictate it to be.

Even the most suspicious of corporate sects like the Bilderberg group ( must be able to relate on an emotional level to the almighty mess that the world is currently in. Surely they know it to be inescapable for their families as well as the families of the gullible consumer. And these guys can be brought to account and turned upside down by the little guy, now that the Internet is here. Groups like Bilderburg, after running the world into the ground for so many years, must be running scared at the tides of change that are currently underway. I mean, we need to look after the planet for goodness sake. Even they must be able to see that they are creating a giant sauna for their grandchildren to frazzle in. A world ripped apart by religion, poverty and conflict. Unless of course they don't even care about their own grandchildren.

The shift in global consciousness toward the collective over the individual points to a freer, better world. Surely these corporates are aware of this and are not sitting round a table drinking brandy and discussing ways to screw the rest of us over?

I don't believe it.

The people have a voice now - they have a place to say what they want to say - the Internet.

Bilderburg and co must now be scratching their heads in survival mode, as opposed to running some racket more commonly found in a Bond movie. Unless of course they too are not immune to the global shift, and are figuring out ways for us all to find what we love doing and live long, fulfilled lives...

Maybe, maybe not. We'll never know - but at least we don't have to take it lieing down anymore. 

Here's to the blogosphere.

Power to the people.


My World said...

Thank you for your visit... It means a lot to me..

I agree with everything that you
written. I hope for peace, I hope for the forrest in the Amazons to survive.

We all need to stop what were doing
grab a camera and take that one picture that means the most to us..

It could be of our loved ones, the beauty of mother nature or very close friends

Then frame them and look at the beauty of Life..

Maybe some of us will make a difference for the rest of us to follow...

Thank you,



John Paul Mahofski said...

"It is the ordinary members of society that refuse to believe in the world as 'a lost cause' hold the key to a free, abundant future for all."

One heck of a quote. I want to do this I even have a gameplan I think as a future Prison librarian I can achieve this goal. What doesn't hurt is getting fired up by a quote like you wrote thanks man!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts very much. It gives me hope to go for things that mean something to me and live for something other than my job.