Monday, 3 December 2007

Day 332 - monday morning...

Is now one of my favourite times of the week.

I realize that what I have done is invent a life that works for me - as opposed to the other way around - and it's a life that I really, really love.

I just work when I want to work. And because I love my work, that is pretty much all of the time...

So I arrive at Monday morning, having spent the weekend chilling in all sorts of cool and groovy office spots in west London - having done everything I need to do, and more. instead of 48 hours of doing nothing, I have 48 hours of wonderful work behind me.

And it's been raining all weekend.

But now, on Monday morning, the sun is shining.

Once solely the preserve of 'when will this end' administration, desk clearing and heavy-headedness, monday morning is now peaceful, quiet and free.

I am about to exercise my autonomy.

In what feels like a brazen, revolutionary act of rebellion, I am going for a stroll, a cup of tea and a muffin by the river.

Am taking my notebook in case I develop new global change strategy.

Time out rocks!

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b said...

Sounds like a glorious Monday morning!