Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Day 343 - abundance for all

'The vision comes from every citizen of this planet. My fame came from lending $27 to 42 people. You couldn't get smaller than that. And look at the effect it had. We can all do it - but we don't know.'

Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate, talking at the launch of the Elders, 2007.

Why don't we know? What holds us back in life? What stops us believing we can have the same effect on the world as Professor Yunus?

I am interested in this. Passionate about it. I believe we can all change the world - I believe it and I know it. Imagine if we were all set free to this way of thinking, what could be caused and how quickly it would happen. No limits, no boundaries, just endless, unpolluted possibility and potential - a world full of idealistic, child like leaders.

That is what I am up for. I am publicly declaring my stand as 'abundance for all' - abundant life on an abundant planet.

'It's our world and we are going to build it in the way we want it. And we will make it happen.' Yunus finished.

I am with him all the way.


La Belette Rouge said...

No limits? No boundaries? Even if one gals version of abundance involves a little DVF dress? ;-)

Really---a lovely post. It is powerful to think about the impact that one person can have. I'm with you! :-)

Take A Year Out said...

LBR, the problem is that we westerners confuse abundance with material wealth...

when one's vision of abundance is aligned with a tiddly little material posession like a flat screen TV, a big apartment or a teeny little dress... it becomes the ultimate 'thing' in our life - that is why it immediately seems so scarce...

human beings need to play a bigger game where abundance is concerned - how about taking a stand, that in your lifetime, every girl will have a DVF dress?

then abundant DVF dresses will just be a by product of what we are up to in the world.

in fact, you would probably just be sent DVF dresses for free every day... and that really would be abundance!

I am with you in the game 'DVF dresses for all' are you in?

La Belette Rouge said...

That is a campaign motto that I haven't heard before--and one to get behind. Yes, "DVF dresses for all!" ;-)

And, I am with you on the deeper and more important meaning of abundance.

b said...

Abundance for all is a wonderful philosophy. And truly, when we surrender ourselves to that notion, perhaps we will see that there already is an abundance in each of our lives and not just Westerners. I think that the simplest societies already appreciate this. And in saying this, we still need to commit ourselves to helping others but with the realization that abundance and fulfillment are not really about social conditions but about self awareness and a true appreciation and acceptance of humanity.

I really value this idea and it truly is so simple. It seems that enlightenment stems from simplicity though, doesn't it?

I think the only (somewhat) complicated aspect lies in how each of us comes to that breakthrough moment and whether we fully pursue it. We have to seek it out and fully give ourselves to it. And we are each inspired in different ways. I think that we can serve as inspiration for others but each individual must make that choice.

Thanks for inspiring my breakthrough!