Thursday, 6 December 2007

Day 335 - what 'is'

I had a profound moment of clarity last night.

I was giving a talk to around 45 people, and recognized what was happening around me as a reality I could not only accept, but one I could feel proud of. We were making change happen.

The people were the first to donate to Cycle 4, the charity I am launching this winter. They were a beautiful audience.

Money - thousands and thousands of pounds - was being transferred around the world for the benefit of people that needed it. Commitments were being carried out. Promises followed through. Awareness crystalizing into action. Connections being made that will become lifelong friendships.

Lives were being transformed.

As I spoke, my right knee began to tremble. And it wouldn't stop. My voice was steady, but my whole body was hot. I could have broken down. It was seriously nerve racking - like a reality check, in the best possible way. A profound distinction of what 'is'... What exists.

So much of my life has been 'talk'. There is so much bullshit in the world.

It's awesome to be taking these first steps on the road to change - both in my life and in the world.

Action of this kind feels incredibly vital.

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b said...

How wonderful! I am so happy to hear that it went so well.