Saturday, 1 December 2007

Day 331 - decisions vs choices

The benefits of time out are just immeasurable.

Why is this?

Because we are exercising choice over decision - choosing to create a new context for our life that will deliver new content. Deciding to do things, as opposed to choosing, is a by product of the disease that is western culture - otherwise known as accumulation. The need to accumulate removes choice, and in its place comes decision - you decide to do stuff because it will yield the desired result.

But those of us who have the luxury of choice, simply make choices in accordance with what makes us happy.

It was such a huge distinction when I got that.

Think about the word 'decide'... Then think about 'suicide'.... Then 'genocide'... It's all decision making - taking action to cause an outcome.

My life was a constant stream of decisions - good ones, bad ones, off the wall ones. Every decision was dictated by circumstances and consequences.

And the fear about shifting from decision to choice was very real - starting to do things for what makes you happy right now as opposed to what is 'for the best' is a huge leap into the unknown.

But with that leap comes a dynamic shift - choice gets you into the present moment like nothing else - and you realise just how un-present you have been all your life.

And when you're present, nothing is wrong, bad or broken, ever.

That's what choice gives you.

Don't decide on survival.

Choose life instead.

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b said...

Beautiful blog, Ben. And as always, beautiful outlook on life. I like this distinction of decision and choice. It seems that we so often confuse one for the other or regard them as synonymous. We easily convince ourselves that we make choices all the time for ourselves but they truly are decisions. So, we decide to survive instead of choose to live. I will be bookmarking this post and returning to it, as it is such a necessary reminder...a touchstone.

Thank you for sharing your remarkable insights. This blog is truly wonderful, as are you. Interestingly, when I first opened your blog page and saw your picture, I couldn't help but see a remarkable sense of peace and enlightenment in your smile. It reminds me of the response I so often get when I see a photo of the Dalai Lama...that look, that reveals a greater appreciation and acceptance than most people ever seek out within themselves.