Sunday, 16 December 2007

Day 341 - courage, belief and detachment

There comes a point with 'projects' when things get... big. Perhaps, even, too big for me.

In fact, I hope it becomes too big for me.

Background developments are occurring with Cycle 4 that could see it become the force for change that I have always proclaimed it to be.

Forgive the dramatics, but the feeling is that constellations are shifting and energetic forces gathering to take my embryonic charitable project, the culmination of my first year out, and blow it up into something that will have a profound effect on the world.

And while I want to guide this project to reach it's full potential - it's not like I can really do this alone from my flat... I feel it will soon be time to relinquish my attachment and give the project over to the universe.

We are often afraid of dreaming really, really big.

As Emerson says in my quote section: 'we are ashamed of that divine idea within us'.

But these past few days, ever since the dust settled on Cycle 4'S first projects in India, Nigeria and London began, I have found myself freed of 'early stage thinking'.

And I see that it is only this type of dreaming - outlandish, out of control fantasy thinking - that will accomplish the work that needs to be done on this planet.

My head is in the stars, my heart in my mouth, and I am walking on air - and I am making every effort to stay there. Because I am present to forces emerging to help, now that we have taken the first steps. I wish I could blog about them, but I am keeping quiet for now. I am present to no one having any idea where this world will be in 5, 10, 20 years time.

And that it is you and me, the guys on the ground, the guys in amongst it, who have just as big a say in what is possible as Nelson Mandela, or Al Gore, or Hilary Clinton... or George W Bush. I swear to you that is true.

Poverty, violent conflict, AIDS, malaria... They can all be dealt with.

The input of people with moral courage, integrity and no vested personal interest, thinking freely, is what will consign these diseases to history.

Integrity, responsibility and generosity will end it all. These things will make possible bountiful, great life for all. Abundant life on an abundant planet.

All that it takes is for everyone to believe this like I do - for people to take off the blinkers that hide their infinite greatness and their giant capability to manifest change - and we will be there.

Because today I believe AND know, that this journey I have taken, is going to have the maximum possible impact on the world. And I have only had one thing on my side that many others do not - just one - and that is self belief.

I just cannot wait to see how things unfold.


taxitalk said...

Dude you are deep, I want whatever your working on to work out, but money talks, corporations are in control and they are not human they don't care about you or me they care about the cash, they are psychopaths who are in control, until the western world frees itself from them our world will continue to die and the Ceo's, well who knows. I am Canadian and my province is becoming a a delinquent and no here cares, people here are making 26 dollars an hour destroying the world, I live in Alberta I hope your plane can show us how to change, if drop the bomb on us cause we will do to everyone else

Take A Year Out said...

thank you taxitalk - one thing i can promise is that i won't give up - my plane is here for you and yours in alberta just as it is for me and mine here in london.