Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Day 365 - a year in summary

I've managed to take some time to reflect on what my year out has brought me.

I took a long walk yesterday and had a few moments to make some notes... And after my soberest new year's celebration ever, I was up early this morning for coffee and breakfast at a beautiful little coffee house nearby. Out came the notebook again...

It was extremely positive reflection.

A year ago I was a fully paid up member of the proverbial rat race. I am now, in my own mother's words '99% a different human being'. You know it's gotta be serious...

And now, what am I? A traveling writer, non-profit pioneer, warrior of light, philosophizing happiness expert...? Actually that's not quite it, but it's close.

My first thoughts were that a year is just a decent length of time. You can really get to grips with all your 'stuff' in the course of a year. A sabbatical, a mini retirement, a rest cure - whatever you want to call it, substantial time out from one's career is just a great period in life.

It has undoubtedly been the greatest period in my life to date.

Just to reclaim the joy of living life on my own terms has been truly liberating. Or probably gain it for the first time if I am being truthful.

And rather than leaving this period wistfully behind, I believe the remainder of my life will be more of the same - because what I have done is lay real foundations for my life.

I have some great gigs on professionally - freelancing roles which could really grow into something... I have my own charity launching imminently which will completely change the way we give... I write about what I want to write about every day.

In the last week, while enjoying my current holiday in southern africa, I realize that one really enormous thing I have done is reject everything that I consider to be, for want of less primitive expressions... bad... wrong... and evil.

I have these things down to an absolute minimum in my life now.

I really have managed to release my attachments to most things material, financial and superficial. Which feels amazing.

More to the point, it feels amazing to know that this is actually possible. When we are in the corporate world - in the matrix - we find it difficult to believe that an existence outside of 'accumulation' can possibly lead anywhere but destitution. This is one of the establishment's most elaborate hoaxes. When in actual fact, the process that I have gone through could seem no more natural or prosperous.

Freedom to pursue our own paths each day, to pick our gurus and teachers, to use and speak our own mind each day, to follow our heart, to FIND WHAT WE LOVE, these are priceless gifts. And they are yours, if you would only give yourself the time for peace and the time to realize it.

It is of little wonder to me that the world we are in is in such a giant pickle. 95% of us are suppressed and trapped in a delusional cycle of accumulation, competition and self-absorption.

For the most part, this will lead us to a best case scenario called 'survival'.

But the answer is so close by. Indeed, it is within us all. But so great have most of the external forces become that our inner voice often gets drowned out. The thought of taking a year out is laughable to most.

Anyway, I have broken free of this cycle and it is just so beautiful to know that another world exists out there. A world of camaraderie, love, trust and contribution. A world where dormant forces really do come alive and help us out on a daily basis.

A world that responds to passion and energy.

This is the world I live in now.

It is possible to make a great living in this world - from a hammock on a beach. To lead by simply doing what you know is right. To create your own universe entirely. And I believe that people are ready to start to opt in. I see it everywhere. Eventually the 'powers that be' will simply have no subscribers left. They will be a laughing stock - a powerless group of under achievers who bought the biggest con of all.

One thing I am sure of now as I was the day I was born, is that the Truth will set you free.

It is a life free of politics and corruption. A life which knows of no limits. A universe created by nothing but my own perception. A life that enables me to live quite literally as free as a bird.

I get that everything in life is a choice. I choose not to live under the corrupt leaders of this world. My existence is entirely independent of them - a life under my own banner and the banner of those I respect, love and follow. A life where I exercise my rights and where no one can keep me down. I am living my own life - on my own terms.

It is not without it's challenges, and the need for improvement is evident each day.

But at long last I am on my path, for which I am most grateful.

At the end of this most wonderful year, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist:

'The boy reached through to the soul of the world, and saw that it was a part of the soul of god. And he saw that the soul of god was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.'


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful TAYO. I am having difficulty finding words. I truly hope you continue on your path whilst inspiring others to do the same.

b said...

As always, when I read your poignant self expression, I feel so incredibly honored to know you. I draw so much strength from your courage, openness, and beauty. When I falter and doubt myself, your voice gives me renewed strength and courage. Thank you so very much.

What a beautiful year. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. We are all better for having known you!

La Page Fran├žaise said...

Just found my way over here through B's blog and wanted to tell you how inspiring your post is. I am looking forward to reading more of your past posts.

Ancilla said...

i just know this blog from b's list.

happy new year and may you can keep the spirit on :)